About Us

We Upload new Images Every Day to this site.

We love to make (take) photographs with our phones. It makes our team better photographers because of the limits, imposed on this type of image creation. We will share what we have found works and what doesn’t. As professional photographers we photograph for money. Our phone photography is for fun!

So can the latest generation of phones take good photos? The answer is yes but... there are techniques to make them keepers and even great images. Just look at this site. All photos are from phones. We have even sold phone photos to our clients, and given even more away for non profits to use on their websites.  One website that uses some of our images is The Giving Principle.com
We will provide you with the latest tests on photo apps and cameras. You will also get tips from us on how to be a better phone photographer. Each week we will post new images from our photo shoot locations or personal times.