Tuesday, October 13

The new generation of Droid phones have much higher quality with lots more resolution - this was taken recently at the Grand Canyon at the end of a Rim to Rim to Rim hike.   Tom

Monday, February 11

When is it a good time to try the HDR setting?

On my Droid there is a HDR setting that really works well with shots like these. Give it a try in different scenarios - see how it makes some subtle changes. Here it helped to capture the mood of the sunset hitting the rocks, snow and grasses on a nice winter hike.

Friday, February 1


Understanding and learning how to use that little flower on your phones camera setting or even your actual camera can turn an ordinary photo into something special.  Marcro freature is used to enhancd a specified object on your canvas.  Practice on the inside of flowers or try to take a picture of two objects close together or far apart.  In this picture you can see how the macro feature allowed me to focus on the quail closest to camera and blured the bird in the backgroud.  Practice this method and you might just be surprised at what you see.

Tuesday, January 29

Please forgive spelling and grammatical errors as there posts are done quickly from our phones.

Sunday, January 27

Urban photography in Phx. with Droid phone

It's always fun to go to uptown areas with a camera  - so many interesting things to try to capture. In this shot I tried to catch the reflections of the big glass windows and all the activities inside a very popular store.  Tom

Tuesday, January 22

Yosemite National Park in winter

In the cold a cell phone battery can die fast. After u r done making photos stick it somewhere close to your body to keep it warm. Cell phones can b used to make beautiful Park photos.

Friday, January 18

Great shots can be captured with lights after a snow storm. I used picsaypro to enhance the colors and jazz it up a bit.    Tom

Please forgive spelling and grammatical errors as there posts are done quickly from our phones.

Saturday, July 21

The Right Camera

I love having a good quality cell phone camera, you never know when awe inspiring moments will happen....Donny

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Tuesday, July 17

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Face Time

On your next photo outing consider some themes before you go.  Show some different perspectives...Its a ton of fun...Donny

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Wednesday, July 11

Look "Outside The Box"

Next time you're out lookin for a great photo with your phone try and view your subject from different perspectives.  If you normally shoot straight on,  take a few steps to the left or right and kneel down or stand on a step to see a different view.  I always try to tell a story with my photos.  What will your next one say?  Donny

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Wednesday, June 27

Airport Travel and Phone Photography

A cell phone is handy when traveling through airports. At international airports travelers from other countries find America amazing. We are headed to AK for some photo jobs and will be posting some phone photos of our travels to the last frontier.  Mark travelers from other countries find America amazing.

We are headed to Alaska for some photo jobs for the next 2 weeks and will be posting some phone photos of our travels and tips.  Mark

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Sunday, June 24

Photograph your pet with your Phone

A cell phone is a good way to photograph your family pet and will do a fine job.  TIP.  Get to eye level, get their attention and snap.  Our dog served two tours in Afghanistan with the Navy Seals as a bomb/patrol dog. You can always adopt animals after they are retired or unwanted.  Many make good family pets.  Mark

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Friday, April 27

Street Rods

What a great place for photography, especially with your phone.  I just love taking low angle shots...car shows are great for thinking outside the box with photography....see more than just cars.

Wednesday, April 18

When Good Days Go Bad

One of the painful beauties of having a phone camera.  When Nature strikes or the unthinkable happens you can photograph the damage and have a solid record for reference or insurance claims. 

Monday, April 16


A cell phone is a good way to document animal tracks in your area. 

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Tuesday, March 20

Snow Day

In the west sometimes we get a late spring storm.  Its a time to make phone photos. 

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Sunday, March 4

The right camera...

Just recently I spoke with a gentleman about purchasing a new camera.  We talked about different types, name brands and the difference between digital and film.  He said something so profound that I had to share it.  He said "I guess the best camera is the one you have on you"  he couldnt have been more right.  This is what makes Droid Life so unique...Heres a few examples:

Monday, February 13

Arizona Friday Night Lights

Arizona Sunsets are always breathtaking.  This photo was taken from the middle of my sons high school football field.  Camera phones allow you to catch these awe inspiring moments.  Donny

Tuesday, January 24

Water falls and the camera phone

After hiking to this desert waterfall I decided to get as close as I could under it and make a camera  phone image.  It was wet from the spray as I tried to shoot up.  I put my hand over the lens after wiping it off to prevent more spray from entering. At almost the same time I tripped the Shuster and removed my hand.  It worked. 

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Saturday, January 7

Droid Life Goes HDR

One of our newest applications that we have been playing with on our android phones is an app called HDR Camera.  HDR stand for High Dynamic Range.  Its a process in which multiple photos are taken with different types of exposures and then each shot is then layered on one another to bring out some very dynamic colors.  Heres some different views of Old Glory and the Moon.  Donny